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in2Dredging Pty Ltd (i2D) is a state-of-the-art independent niche dredging consultancy. Our company provides international dredging support around the clock. Our multi-disciplinary dredging consultants develop innovative, creative solutions for projects and equipment. i2D’s consultants are uniquely specialised in dredging, which is excavating, transporting or placing soil and/or rock mainly underwater.

All dredging consultants have worked for the large dredging contractors and understand how a Contractor thinks. We have several generations of i2D consultants in our team and our integrated management system ensures that:

  • all deliverables and tools are peer reviewed to guarantee the highest quality of work
  • hazards are identified and real, achievable and effective safeguards are developed
  • all risks are reduced to as low as practically possible
  • health, safety and environment are considered from day one


This enables us to provide a high return on investment with the time and money saved on your project or equipment in the long run.

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This year’s Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy’s (AusIMM) flagship Mine Waste and Tailing Conference 2021 will be held in Brisbane, Australia. The conference and exhibition will run from the 1 – 2 July. in2Dredging Pty Ltd (i2D) will be presenting at the conference, delivering a paper and a presentation on Dredging Fine Tailings. AusIMM […]

Dredging Market – A Niche or Diverse Market?

At first glance, the dredging market, or the dredging industry, may seem small and limited. However, it is much more diverse than most people realise.  At in2Dredging (i2D) we are active solely in the dredging industry. And many people we talk to are surprised by the range and complexity of the work we do. Those […]

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About i2D Dredging Consultants

Our multi-disciplinary dredging consultants provide total programme and project management services including advanced engineering, accurate estimating, insightful data processing and environmental support for owners, contractors, and engineers.

Our solutions are based on academic knowledge and extensive field experience. A unique combination of theory and practice enables successful delivery of  cost-effective projects. We can provide any level of support to all dredging project phases. Our multi-disciplinary team of dredging professionals in combination with research, development and innovation services are fundamental to our cutting edge strength in the niche dredge market.

i2D has an extensive network of dredging professionals with the ability to cater for any workload.

Your Dredging Challenges

Some examples of challenges our dredging consultants solve on a daily basis:

  • Realising projects within time and budget
  • Managing projects and equipment to meet all requirements, avoiding show stoppers
  • Estimating productions for project budget and schedule
  • Defining designs sufficiently to avoid unpleasant surprises during execution
  • Executing harmless operations by identifying hazards and developing effective safeguards
  • Reducing impact on the environment by efficient dredging and ensuring environmental requirements are met
  • Innovating to stay ahead of the competition

your challenges with us. You can trust our team to find value adding solutions.

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Our Approach as Dredging Consultants

  • Flexible and self-asserting mentality
  • Global 24/7 support
  • Competitive rates
  • Clear and effective communications
  • Academic and field expertise, enabling innovation
  • Confidentiality and integrity

Dredging Consultancy Services

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