Upcoming Pumps ‘n Pipeline Masterclass

Our Pumps ‘n Pipeline (PnP) users have often requested an intensive masterclass, so now is your chance!

In three hours, you can learn to create your own suction and discharge production estimates or at the very least understand the physical limitations and associated risks of hydraulic transport. Professionals worldwide find our PnP tool easy to use, and it also helps them better understand the background and fundamentals of hydraulic transport systems that use pumps and pipelines.

Since mobilising equipment can take weeks or even months, shadow estimates are the best insurance for schedule blowouts and budget overruns. Being less productive than planned affects both the contractor and the owner, as lumpsum contracts provide limited damage control for the owner. You only have one chance to successfully complete a dredging or hydraulic mining project, which is why PnP can help you make the best possible estimates.

in2Dredging Pty Ltd (i2D) has been continuously developing PnP over the last five years and it can now model any pump, pipeline and soil mixture in any combination. It accurately estimates suction and discharge production for any dredging or mining equipment that hydraulically transports soil-like materials. PnP has been successfully sold since 2016 as an intuitive and advanced software tool. With some understanding of hydraulic transport, you can easily verify that the right pumping equipment is being mobilised for your project by estimating the pumping production independently.

Download the brochure for more information on the short intensive Pumps ‘n Pipeline masterclass.

When and where?

Thursday 2 December 14:00 – 17:00 CET


Cost for 3-hour training is €349