About Us

in2Dredging (i2D) is an international and independent dredging consultancy established in 2016 and headquartered in Australia. i2D comprises of dredging professionals renowned for delivering practical and value-adding solutions. 
The multi-disciplinary i2D team has a broad profile of specialised skills across all areas of dredging.
i2D is an employee-owned organisation focused on the needs of our clients. We are passionate about dredging and take great pride in our work.

Our Team

i2D dredging consultant simon burgmans

Simon Burgmans
Director & Principal Dredging Consultant

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Simon Burgmans graduated from the Technical University of Delft as a coastal engineer specialised in dredging.

He started his career with the world leading dredging contractor Van Oord as a R&D engineer. He was promoted to R&D manager and progressed his career within Van Oord by joining Operations.

In Australia he joined Wood Group Kenny, a world leading pipeline engineering consultancy. Some of the major oil and gas projects he supported as a principal engineer were Browse and Gorgon LNG projects.

In 2016 he founded in2Dredging.

Joost Mol

Joost Mol
Lead Dredging Engineer / Specialist Data Scientist

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Joost started his career as a production engineer at Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V.  During this period, he developed project estimates for dredging projects in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East.  He also executed onboard production follow‑ups, undertook optimisation requests and troubleshooted projects.  Furthermore, as a lead instructor, Joost trained junior and senior crew members on Boskalis’s dredging equipment simulators.

Later Joost joined VBMS, where he developed production calculations methods for various offshore trenching methods.

Joost’s technical expertise has seen him write simulation models to study the effect of new business rules on sorting processes and logistics.  These models provide new insights into production standards and cost-driven optimisations.

In addition, Joost designed and developed the Proof of Concept for the Multiped platform.  Multiped is a data platform that receives data signals from offshore equipment and displays their information in interactive and customisable dashboards.  These dashboards are then used by onshore data experts.

Johan Voorwinde

Johan Voorwinde
Dredging Consultant/Technical Specialist

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Johan has over 40 years’ experience in the dredging industry. Throughout this time, he has worked mainly on equipment new builds, as well as equipment maintenance and development projects. Johan also has extensive experience in the project management and execution of such projects.

He started his career with several legal forerunners of what is now Van Oord. Since 2003, Van Oord has become one of the world’s leading marine and dredging contractors.

Johan started in the dredging industry as a technical inspector and later advanced to the role of senior technical inspector. Throughout this time, he worked on a variety of dredging projects all over the world.

In the mid-eighties, Johan worked on several equipment newbuilds and conversions as a team member and as a project manager. He later became the technical manager over Van Oord’s Technical department responsible for all their dredging equipment.

Thanks to a large investment program in 2010, Johan became the project manager on a newbuild project. The project involved building two of the biggest Cutter Suction Dredgers in the world. He subsequently also project managed a newbuild for a cable laying vessel for Van Oord’s Offshore Wind department. Over the years, this has become a major area of expertise for Van Oord.

Ian Baxter

Ian Baxter
Principal Environmental Consultant

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Ian is a specialist marine environmental consultant with over 30 years’ experience. His expertise includes ecological investigations, research and consulting studies of marine systems in tropical and temperate environments. He has worked extensively around Australia, as well as in New Zealand, Southeast Asia and the Arabian Gulf.

Since 2005 he has been a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) within the Australia and New Zealand certification scheme.

Hans Nicolaas

Hans Nicolaas
Project Manager/Dredging Consultant

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Hans has spent the last 20 years working almost exclusively on dredging projects.  Thus, he leverages this extensive experience to execute projects in a safe and cost-effective manner, while focusing on achieving the client’s objectives.

Hans started his career as a Trainee at Boskalis Westminister in 1993, working on dredging projects in the UK, Germany and Singapore.  He then moved to Van Oord where his career progressed from Marine Superintendent to Works Manager.

Hans then successfully assumed the roles of Project Manager and Country Manager for the Netherlands at Rohde Nielsen A/S. He was responsible for all projects and tenders on the Dutch Market, as well as executing projects in Europe.

Since 2021, Hans has worked for i2D, during which time he has been involved in many varied dredging projects.

G Miller

Greg Miller
Principal Dredging Consultant

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Greg Miller has over 35 years’ experience in the international marine, dredging and oil & gas industry.
His technical understanding of marine and dredging contracting began in 1983 with his employment by the Dutch-Australian WestHam dredging company.  WestHam is now part of marine and dredging contractors Van Oord and Boskalis.

He has held several positions on major projects and gained first-hand experience on many dredge types, including drilling and blasting barges. He has been involved in various types of projects, including land reclamation, outfalls construction and rock installation.

Greg has witnessed the improvements in dredge designs and capabilities over the last three decades. As the Australian dredging industry grew, he moved into the role of Principal Dredging Consultant for Clients, Contractors and Engineers. He participated in the developments of many major port developments, mainly in Australia.

Marc Bik v2

Marc Bik
Specialist Engineering Geologist

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Marc is a versatile engineering geologist with over 30 years’ experience in project management. He also has extensive experience providing offshore geophysical surveys and geotechnical engineering advice. Marc has provided advice to offshore renewables as well as oil and gas operations worldwide.

Furthermore, he has expertise in offshore site characterisation and ground model development. He also has expertise in integrating geophysical, geotechnical, geological and other relevant data to identify geohazards.  Marc also has experience in quantifying and managing risks when laying cables and pipelines as well as for subsea infrastructure.

Marc has diverse experience in project management, offshore geotechnical investigation and engineering, geophysical surveying, geohazard identification and offshore pipeline installation. He has represented both oil and gas producers and service companies.

Headshot Rene Visser

René Visser
Project Manager / Dredging Consultant

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René has over 25 years’ experience in engineering, including extensive project management experience in rockworks, major dredging and reclamation works, and environmentally sensitive projects, as well as the management of offshore HV cable works and pipeline installations.

He started his career with one of the world’s leading marine and dredging contractors, Van Oord Group.  As a member of Van Oord, he was given the opportunity to develop his management skills particularly in the areas of engineering, tendering and project management.  He finished his career at Van Oord working for several years as the company’s representative in Portugal responsible for acquisition, planning and project management as well as being responsible for the final delivery of various projects.

In 2002, René started working for DEME Group, initially as the dredging and reclamation specialist on large scale projects in Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.  He later worked on several pipeline installations for the oil and gas industry and offshore HV cable works for wind farms.

Since 2015, René has been working as a self-employed Consultant providing project management services to market leading companies in the above‑mentioned industries.

John Polglaze

John Polglaze
Principal Environmental Consultant

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John has around 40 years’ experience in maritime industries, in both seagoing roles and as an environmental management practitioner.  He began his career in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) before obtaining qualifications in environmental management and marine science.

He is recognised widely, in Australia and overseas, as a specialist adviser on maritime environmental compliance issues. John has worked in this arena for Government regulators and management agencies, commercial ship owners and operators, and resource companies.

Furthermore, he has provided advise on all aspects of environmental risks as well as the management of ship design and operations. He has provided this advice for a range of clients in both Australia and overseas.  Additionally, John has worked globally managing ship waste, ballast water and biofouling.

i2D Office Manager Sandra Gyles

Sandra Gyles
Operations Director

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Sandra is a highly skilled professional with more than 10 years’ experience running and managing a small business.  She has excellent organisational and communication skills and is service and results oriented.

She is also skilled at managing cross-border teams and motivating others to meet tight deadlines while maintaining the highest standards.  Furthermore, Sandra’s proficiency with languages has facilitated her ability to build relationships with clients from diverse backgrounds throughout her career.

After graduating, Sandra worked for a large PR & Communications company for close to 10 years.  During this period, she managed a variety of clients, from small businesses to global companies, in various sectors.

In 2016, Sandra co-founded in2Dredging Pty Ltd alongside Simon Burgmans.

Marcel de Ruiter

Marcel De Ruiter
 Project Manager / Dredging Consultant

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Marcel is a focused and dedicate professional with over 17 years engineering, operational, contract and project management experience. Over this time, he has worked mainly in the marine and dredging industries.  He specialises in motivating project teams to ensure even the most difficult projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Marcel started his career with one of the world’s leading marine and dredging contractors, Van Oord.  He then spent 9 years working globally before joining the Netherlands’ Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

To further his experience in leading complex multidisciplinary projects at the interface of project management and the political landscape, in 2015 Marcel joined the Delfland Water Authority. Here he was awarded the Water Authority Union’s Water Innovation prize for his innovative S.C.H.O.O.N project. He completed this project for the Waste Water Treatment industry.

At the beginning of 2018, Marcel cofounded De Toetsfabriek. De toetsfabriek’s goal is to reduce the cost of project failures by assessing project management teams during the projects’ lifecycle.  His extensive experience working with both contractors and clients complements such assignments.

i2D Senior Client Representative Ralph Brevet

Ralph Brevet
Client Representative / Principal Tool Developer

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Ralph Brevet has 25 years of experience in project engineering, covering a wide range of engineering aspects.

He worked for 16 years for a world leading pipelay contractor, Allseas.  During this period, he prepared project documentation, conducted analyses, undertook software development and worked on R&D projects. Ralph also represented Allseas on a number of dredging and trenching support vessels.

In 2006 he joined Wood Group Kenny in Perth, where he was seconded to major oil and gas projects. He started projects in an office-based project engineering role and moved into a Client Representative role when construction activities commenced.

Simon van Boesschoten

Simon van Boesschoten
Principal Shore Crossing, Micro Tunnel & HDD Consultant

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Simon van Boesschten has over 30 years’ experience conducting shore crossings and using micro-tunneling and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) techniques.

Over these 30 years, Simon has been involved in many drilled pipeline shore crossings projects. Additionally, he has been involved in numerous land-to-land pipeline crossings such as river, road, railroad and airport runway crossings.  He has also worked on crossings in environmentally sensitive and suburban areas.

Furthermore, Simon has provided package engineering and company representation services for the design and construction of shoreline, river and road crossings. These services have been provided to both the Civil and the Oil and Gas Industries.

Simon is experienced with design, tendering and award project phases as well as construction site management. He gained extensive hands-on experience whilst working on construction sites throughout the world.

Furthermore, Simon has a good understanding and takes a proactive approach to the stringent HSEQ regimes usually applied within the Oil and Gas and Offshore industries.

Paul Truscott

Paul Truscott
Survey Specialist

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Paul has 33 years’ experience in the offshore survey industry, with the last 19 years spent as a Survey Consultant.  During his time as an offshore surveyor, he gained experience in all aspects of positioning. He also worked on rig moving, site surveys, pipeline route surveys, engineering surveys and charting surveys. Paul’s work was undertaken in harbours, as well as coastal and offshore locations.  He has worked predominantly in Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. 

Furthermore, Paul has extensive experience working on projects involving ROV operations. His work has ranged from General Video Inspections (GVIs), through to construction operations and high accuracy Out of Straightness (OOS) pipeline surveys.  He conducted OOS pipeline surveys as part of the as‑built surveys for the Pluto Trunkline, Greater Western Flank Phase 1 and Phase 2 pipelines and the Woodside 2016 pipeline inspection campaign.

Finally, GVIs and construction operations with ROVs have formed a large part of every construction job that Paul has undertaken. The jobs he has been involved in have ranged from structure installation to pipelay operations.

Grace Headshot

Grace Dennis
Business Manager

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Grace has 12 years’ experience as an IT professional, working both as a consultant and as an employee in IT departments of various organisations. She has been involved in numerous software development projects, following them through their full lifecycle. this included writing specifications, development, testing and implementation. Most assignments required her to create technical documentation, user help files, and provide user training.

In addition, Grace has many years’ experience as an Administrator having worked in this field for 7 years before becoming an IT professional, and again from 2009 to present. As an Administrator she has provided office administration, bookkeeping and staff contract development support. She has also provided proofreading and document layout services.

Our Projects

i2D’s main strength is our ability to work from both the contractor and the client side. Key members of i2D’s team of dredging professionals have decades of combined experience in contracting and consulting.  Their blend of academic knowledge and practical field experience enables them to deliver dredging projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

i2D is proud to have participated in the following projects with our clients.

dredging consultants
Dredging Consultants
Dredging Consultants

Port Operators and Authorities

Mining Companies

Renewable Energy Companies

Port of Melbourne

Roy Hill Holdings

Copenhagen Offshore Partners

Yarra River Services Protection Dredging Project,

Port Hedland Stanley Point Berth 3 Expansion,

Offshore Windfarm Subsea Cable Burial,

Tendering Support

Dredging Works Tendering Support

Dredging Consultancy Services

i2D evaluated the feasibility of using Water Injection Dredging as an alternative methodology for dredging sediments from service protection structures.

The scope of this evaluation included reviewing tender packages and assessing contractors’ work methodologies and contract types.  It also involved conducting a project risk assessment and estimating production rates.

i2D was engaged to provide technical support to the Roy Hill technical and procurement project team for the tender package’s preparation.  Our role included assisting the team in evaluating tender responses.

Furthermore, we reviewed proposed work methods, conducted shadow estimates and provided technical evaluations for each submitted response.

i2D prepared production estimates for the cable burial works using Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers and Mass Flow Excavators.

Moreover, we conducted analyses for an unforeseen soil condition claim.

BUSS Terminal Eemshaven B.V.

Energy Resources of Australia

Hai Long Offshore Wind Power Co. Ltd

Julianahaven Soil Improvement Project,

Dredging Tailings at the Ranger Mine,

Hai Long Offshore Wind Project,

Project Management

Management of Dredging Operations

Dredging Consultancy Services

After conducting a spud can punch-through analysis and managing the soil investigation campaign, i2D assisted BUSS with the project’s execution.  This involved managing the dredging contractor responsible for the soil improvement works identified as necessary by the punch-through analysis.

Additionally, i2D monitored quay side stability during the dredging works.

i2D was tasked with managing the contractor to ensure the project’s two dredgers were maintained and operated safely and efficiently.

We also monitored the contractor’s performance daily using i2D’s Equipment Performance Review tool to boost productivity.

In addition, the i2D team mobilised and commissioned a new dredger and supervised its operation

For this project, i2D carried out suitability inspections of the proposed Trailer Suction Hopper Dredger.  We also conducted a risk and opportunity assessment for the cable trench dredging works.

Furthermore, i2D developed the trench seabed preparation’s requirements and program, and recorded and monitored execution of the works.

Additionally, i2D provided shadow estimates along with scope of works and technical specifications for the dredging activities.

Dredging Consultants
Dredging Consultants



McConnell Dowell Constructors

Australian Naval Infrastructure

Osborne Naval Shipyard Maintenance Dredging,

Henderson Large Vessel Dry Berth Project,

Specifications Support Services

Conceptual Design Review

i2D supplied specifications for further geotechnical investigations required for the maintenance dredging operations at the Osborne Naval Shipyard.

In addition, we provided productivity estimates, conducted Return Water Modelling and reviewed the contractor’s maintenance dredging methodology.

i2D assisted Australian Naval Infrastructure in selecting dredger types and work methodologies and we identified the implications of the various options.

Moreover, we specified all necessary additional field investigations, detailed onshore and underwater disposal options and identified potential environmental restrictions.  We also estimated project volumes, productivity, cost and duration.

Daewoo E&C Co. Ltd

Rottnest Island Authority

Al Faw Grand Port Development Project,

South Thomson Bay Development Project,

Maintenance Dredging Support Services

Dredging Consultancy Service

For this project, i2D was tasked with conducting hydrodynamic modelling for Placement Turbidity and Return Water Quality.  We also conducted a Threshold of Motion study for soil hydraulically placed in the offshore dumping area.

Furthermore, i2D performed a feasibility assessment for offshore dumping in a shallow area and developed maintenance dredging manuals for the navigation channel and the port basin during the operational phase.

i2D was engaged by the Rottnest Island Authority to evaluate the suitability of existing geotechnical data from previous site investigations.  Following our assessment, we provided a detailed scope of works and specifications required to obtain the necessary additional geotechnical data on the rock layer present in the bay.

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