Comprehensive Dredging Training Courses

At i2D we provide comprehensive dredging training courses aimed at equipping participants with vital skills and knowledge in the field of dredging.

Our courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of professionals looking to enhance their expertise.

Moreover, our team of instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to i2D’s training courses, ensuring participants gain valuable insights and practical skills that they can immediately apply to their projects.

i2D offers the following training courses.

Dredging and Reclamation

This dredging training course offers a deep dive into essential elements of dredging and reclamation works and encompasses the following content:

  • Dredging and Hydraulic Fills

Explores reclamation processes, dredger types, excavation techniques, as well as transportation and placement methodologies.

  • Return Water Quality

Provides information on designing reclamation areas, as well as return water quality management and control.

  • Drilling and Blasting

Delves into drilling and blasting activity cycles, blast design, explosives and mitigating risks inherent in drilling and blasting operations.

  • Hydraulic Considerations of Dredging Works

Discusses the development cycle of hydraulic fill projects, technical data acquisition and design of hydraulic fill masses.

  • Physical Processes

Covers the characteristics of rock and granular and cohesive materials, underwater excavation techniques and transport mechanisms.

  • Dredger Monitoring and Control

Explains how to define project baselines and monitor operational progress, engineering integrity and environmental compliance.

  • Risk Mitigation and Cost Management

Delves into project risk assessments and analyses, project risk registers and plans, as well as cost management risks.

  • Management of Contracts and Adverse Physical Conditions

Covers measuring and correcting performance, reducing contract delivery risks, contract lifecycles, financial analyses and dispute resolution strategies.


i2D Dredging Software Tools

i2D also provides training in the use of its tools, including the:

  • Rapid Plume Modelling
  • Pumps ‘n Pipeline
  • Return Water Quality tools

Pumps and Pipelines

The Pumps and Pipelines course provides an in-depth understanding of hydraulic transport systems.

The material covered includes:

  • Pump engine types and characteristics.
  • Pipeline characteristics, pressure losses, flow regimes and modelling.
  • Soil like mixtures, including soil types, parameters and risks.
  • Suction and discharge production.

Enhance your skills and acquire accurate perspectives and expectations!

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