i2D's Off-the-shelf Dredging Tools

i2D’s dredging tools provide essential estimating, engineering and monitoring support for dredging and marine projects. The software suits the design and operational environment of these projects and is practical and straightforward to use, enabling more informed project decisions and helping pre‑empt possible complications.   The features and sophisticated capabilities of i2D’s product suite have been developed by experienced dredging consultants over the course of many years during the execution of complex, large scale marine and dredging projects.

The i2D toolbox foundations are based on research and development in the marine and dredging environment. The product suite is continually being improved, developed and actively used by i2D consultants in the execution of project work, delivering additional feedback to that already coming from our user community. All feedback is systematically incorporated in subsequent version updates. i2D’s quality policies and procedures ensure that the software is robust, reliable and provides accurate results.

i2D’s consultants take immense pride in the dredging tools they develop and are thus committed to delivering tools that are simple, consistent and intuitive. i2D’s state‑of‑the-art software runs quickly and efficiently, and has a very small footprint on your computer.  Installation of the software is also straightforward and seamless, and does not involve making changes to your computer.  In addition, i2D provides software support and can train your employees how to use the software either online or face‑to‑face.

Estimator for Dredgers

Estimator for (E4) Dredgers can estimate production for almost any dredging or mining equipment that transports soil-like materials.

Estimator for (E4) workflow
Dredging Pump 'n Pipeline (PnP) graph: pipeline length versus discharge production

Pumps 'n Pipeline

Pumps ‘n Pipeline (PnP) can estimate suction and discharge production for any dredging or mining equipment that hydraulically transports soil-like materials.

I am not a dredging contractor, but it is important to be able to think like one.  PnP provided me with the necessary insight to set a benchmark and create a schedule. i2D’s support was very helpful and prompt. I really like the program.

Pete Mesha, USA
Group President, Transportation & Infrastructure
Wight & Company

Equipment Performance Review

Equipment Performance Review (EPR) can visualise and manipulate ASCII data to review performance of e.g. dredging equipment.

Dredging tools Equipment Performance Review time series graph Equipment Performance Review time series graph ASCII data tool visual

“To efficiently control and check a range of compliance requirements, in2Dredging developed a software tool which enabled us to verify several key parameters on a daily basis with a quick and consistent data review script. This bespoke feature allowed us to instantaneously and visually identify near misses which could subsequently be shared with the crew and supervisors. This greatly enhanced our ability to alleviate cases of non-compliance.”

Maarten Terwal, Australia
Operations Manager

animation of cutter head in subsea rock cutting tool

Subsea Rock Cutting

Subsea Rock Cutting (SRC) tool can accurately estimate cutting production for any dredging or mining equipment that mechanically cuts rock subsea.

“The Subsea Rock Cutting tool gives us a better understanding of rock cutting with dredge cutterheads and has helped us to verify and improve our computer model for rock cutting. It allows for many fast simulations and is a great data visualisation tool. ”

Klaas Wijma
Managing Director
APT Cutting

Subsea Soil Jetting

Subsea Soil Jetting (SSJ) estimates the jetting production of soil by subsea equipment.

subsea soil jetting with 3 dimensional draghead configuration

Return Water Quality

Return Water Quality (RWQ) can predict the quality of the return water leaving the soil placement area.

Rapid Plume Modelling

The Rapid Plume Modelling (RPM) tool provides quick and reliable estimates on the likely zone of influence when depositing dredged material underwater.

Forces acting on particle on horizontal bed

Subsea Soil Stability

The Subsea Soil Stability (SSS) tool provides quick and reliable assessment on the stability of any soil underwater in wave and current conditions.