Pumps ‘n Pipeline (PnP) Tool

The software program from in2Dredging (i2D), Pumps ‘n Pipeline (PnP v1.3), is an advanced and highly intuitive estimating tool.

PnP can accurately estimate suction and discharge production for any dredging or mining equipment that hydraulically transports soil-like materials. The program is an analytical tool, which accurately simulates pump behaviour and pipeline pressure losses for most soil mixtures. PnP has been developed using a century of literature and decades of field measurements. PnP’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) and graphical results are derived from practical estimating experience.

The tool is made by dredging professionals for dredging professionals, but the graphical user interface is intuitive and simple enabling quick estimates. Therefore, PnP has the flexibility to suit most projects or equipment.  PnP requires only the most relevant input parameters to produce a graph that gives insight into production limitations. PnP estimates production rates reliably. Transforming your estimate into a reliable schedule or robust cost estimate including fuel consumption is easy.

Pump 'n Pipeline (PnP) Dredging and Mining Estimating tool

PnP’s Possibilities

When the pump and pipeline configuration and mixture properties are provided, PnP can assist with the following:

  • Estimate suction and discharge production for any pipeline configuration and dredging equipment with one or several pump-drive systems
  • Design dredging installations including pump-drive systems and pipeline configurations to realise lowest cost per cubic metre
  • Provide detailed and complete insight into the production limitations of pump-drive systems and pipeline configurations while transporting slurries
  • Determine whether a booster pump is required and its position
  • Determine the ideal pump impeller diameter or drive gear in the case of diesel-direct systems
  • Estimate suction production for Trailer Suction Hopper Dredge (TSHD) or Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) with or without underwater pumps
  • Analyse and evaluate performance of pump(s) and drive system(s)
  • Estimate discharge production of TSHD rainbowing including throw distance and ideal nozzle diameter


trailer suction hopper dredger rainbowing

User Friendly and Intuitive

Because PnP was designed by dredging professionals rather than software developers, dredging professionals find the program easy to use.

For some input parameters, typical values or logical value ranges are provided to help the user. i2D can almost instantaneously help to ensure that the calculations are realistic. PnP v1.3 can estimate production for most projects. PnP has a small number of limitations to ensure its user friendliness:

  • Maximum three pumps in series
  • Viscosity increase due to mud or clay is ignored
  • Impeller diameter or the number of vanes are not included as variables
  • Limiting vacuum of only Pump #1 is taken into consideration and is independent of RPMs


i2D can use PnP Expert to overcome these limitations for special, advanced projects, which are less typical. PnP Expert has no graphical user interface. Therefore, it is very flexible, fast to develop and easy to integrate in another estimation tool. Both tools, PnP and PnP Expert, share a similar library that was compared in detail for verification.


pumps and pipeline schematic presentation


The Pump ‘n Pipeline (PnP) software program including its intellectual property are owned and licensed by in2Dredging Pty Ltd (i2D). i2D can never be held responsible for any events that arise from misusing or even using PnP software that exceed any paid licence fee. We always recommend you get expert advice before acting.


Free pdf help documentation

Free PnP demo version

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Purchase License Key

When we receive online payment and your hardware identification code on support@in2dredging.com, then you will receive your licensed version including personal license key ASAP but within one business day. The license key enables you to unlock your licensed version on your computer.

What is included?

  • A licence key for PnP version 1 enabling you to estimate suction and discharge production
  • Free email support for PnP software
  • Free updates whenever we improve version 1
  • The licence is strictly personal. This means it is only allowed to be installed on one computer
  • Significant discount for version upgrades and multiple users

How to start estimating?

  1. Pay your license key online
  2. Download and install the PnP demo version
  3. Send Hardware Identification Code and Username to support@in2Dredging.com
  4. Receive License Key from support@in2Dredging.com and unlock PnP licenced version
  5. Estimate suction and discharge production reliably
  6. Load the project file example.pnp in PnP to get started even faster

Single User

PnP v1.3    €149/year

Single User License

PnP v1.3    €499