Major Update of Pumps ‘n Pipeline (PnP) v1.6.8

Pumps ‘n Pipeline (PnP) v1.6.8, a suction and discharge production estimation tool, has had a major update. PnP was first released four years ago in 2016 and its functionality and features have steadily grown over the last few years.  This year PnP underwent a major update to include some of our PnP user’s requests.

The new version of PnP can now accurately simulate pump behaviour and pipeline pressure losses for any soil mixture. It is now also easier to enter new pumps with the new in-built regression and affinity laws tools. Furthermore, PnP can now calculate suction and discharge production estimates with up to ten (10) pumps in series.

Pumps ‘n Pipeline (PnP) v1.6.8 New Affinity Laws Tool
PnP’s New Features

PnP v1.6.8’s new features include:

  • A rheology table as an input option for non-Newtonian mixtures. The table consists of three (3) columns, i.e. mixture density, mixture kinematic viscosity and yield stress.
  • Ability to enter data using both metric and imperial units of measure.
  • A new field to enter percent fines, which is used to calculate apparent viscosity. The fines make the carrier fluid more viscous and therefore affect pipeline pressure loss and critical velocity.
  • Ability to enter more pumps.  The maximum number of pumps that can be entered has been increased from three (3) to ten (10). Most projects generally only use a maximum of three (3) pumps. However, now users are definitely no longer restricted by the number of pumps they can enter.
  • A new curve fitting tool for pump regression coefficients.  This feature makes it easier to input a new pump.
  • A new Affinity laws tool for pump revolutions and impeller diameters. This allows users to easily change the pump drive to find the optimal operating point for a pump and pipeline system.
  • A new field to enter nozzle numbers, which allows users to simulate for example sword, eductor, heel, ladder or hopper jets.
  • Updated error messages and a new warning feature
  • Updated onscreen printed and numerical outputs
  • Signed executable. PnP is now signed by in2Dredging Pty Ltd using a registered code signing certificate Consequently, PnP is now less likely to be blocked by virus scanners.
Pumps 'n Pipeline new Regression Tool

A new demo version of PnP v1.6.8, along with an updated user manual can be downloaded from here.