Sustainable Environmental Services

i2D’s consultants undertake marine investigations and environmental studies in support of all phases of a dredging project.
We have experience in environmental assessments, management plans and monitoring, data collection, field investigations and hydrographic surveys.


Environmental Studies and Site Investigations

Our team has skills and experience in environmental assessments and management plans as well as in undertaking environmental monitoring, data collection and field surveys. We develop and implement detailed surveys and studies that will contribute to broader Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and Environmental Management Plans (EMP’s).
Our environmental services include:

  • Environmental studies that precede dredging works in accordance with relevant guidelines
  • Technical advice and assistance during planning, mobilisation and execution phase
  • Baseline monitoring to characterise the existing marine environment and to identify possible sensitive receivers
  • Compliance monitoring during and after dredging and marine infrastructure works
  • Water quality and sediment quality monitoring, analysis and mitigation strategies
  • Design, implementation and interpretation of Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAPs)
  • Rapid sediment / beach grading and particle size assessments
  • Acid sulphate soils assessments
  • Marine ecology surveys
  • Metocean data collection
  • Client representative on marine environmental campaigns
  • Environmental reports for EIA, EIS, and EMP’s
  • Environmental and Dredge Management Plans
  • Environmental Monitoring Plans
  • Dredged material management and disposal option assessments
  • Reports and studies to assist in obtaining approvals and permits

“The expert services provided by in2Dredging were excellent and their very professional report formed the basis of our application to dredge the Newhaven Marina.” 

Derrick Kershaw
Vice Commodore, Newhaven Yacht Squadron

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Hydrographic Services

i2D offers marine environmental and oceanographic investigations in a broad range of nearshore, offshore and estuarine environments. As part of our environmental services we provide hydrographic solutions including:

  • Pre- and post- dredging bathymetric surveys and mapping
  • Volume calculations
  • Review, interpretation and verification of survey data
  • Single beam and multibeam bathymetry
  • Topography surveys
  • Beach profiles
  • GPS, dGPS and underwater positioning
  • Habitat mapping
  • Routing surveys
  • Client representative on survey projects

Local and Specialist Services

Our consultants understand that each project and every environment is different. Therefore, we investigate the local conditions and hire project-specific equipment best fit for the job.  To provide integrated engineering and environmental solutions, we draw on an extensive network of specialist consultants and contractors and work with local suppliers throughout the world.

Worried about environmental  show-stoppers?

We have the experience to help you proceed.

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