Pumps ‘n Pipeline v1.7 is Here!

A new enhanced version of Pumps ‘n Pipeline (PnP) is here.  We have listened to your feedback and included an array of requested enhancements to Pumps ‘n Pipeline v1.7.

What is Pumps ‘n Pipeline?

For those new to Pumps ‘n Pipeline, PnP is a suction and discharge production estimation tool.  This analytical tool can be used with any dredging or mining equipment that hydraulically transports soil-like material.  It accurately and reliably simulates pump behaviour and pipeline pressure losses for all soil mixtures.

Once you have estimated your production with PnP, transforming these estimates into reliable schedules or robust cost estimates is easy!

PnP v1.7 Enhancements

1. Transport Energy (PrSEC-Diagram) Graph
Pumps ‘n Pipeline v1.7 introduces the powerful new Transport Energy Graph feature.  This feature helps you visualise your hydraulic transport system’s energy dynamics and thus provides in-depth insights into your hydraulic transport operations. The Transport Energy Graph feature empowers you to make more informed decisions on how to reduce energy consumption.

2. New Variable, Minimum Mixture Density“, and Enhanced Density Range Algorithm
We have introduced a new variable called “Minimum Mixture Density” and fined tuned the algorithm for calculating density ranges.  This allows you to precisely control and optimise your mixture density. Say goodbye to guesswork and say hello to precision!

3. Hydrostatic Pressure Correction for Pump 2
With the correction of Pump 2’s hydrostatic pressure calculations, we have addressed a crucial aspect of your pumping operations.  The upgrade ensures that the hydrostatic pressure at Pump 2 is accurately accounted for.  This in turn eliminates discrepancies and improves the accuracy of your production estimates.

4. Fixed Helpfile Issue
We have listened to your difficulties and have resolved the PnP helpfile opening issue.  Now you can access the information you need to master estimating with PnP.

5. Enhanced Graph Auto Sorting
We have fixed the auto sorting issues present in several graphs.  Now your data will be presented in a clear and organised manner.  This makes it easier for you to analyse data and formulate strategies.

Pumps 'n Pipeline Transport Energy Efficiency Analysis Graph

To download the latest version of PnP, visit our website at Pumps ‘n Pipeline (PnP) – in2Dredging Pty Ltd.

Upgrade or buy your new Pumps ‘n Pipeline tool today and redefine your hydraulic transport estimating experience!