i2D Presents the Masterclass “Dredging and Reclamation”

The Dredging and Reclamation masterclass is a 5-day course presented by in2Dredging’s (i2D) principal dredging consultants Simon Burgmans and Greg Miller. The course includes both basic and advanced sessions on dredging and reclamation works. A guest speaker from Kinlan Consulting will also be attending and will be presenting the topic of latent conditions’ impact on marine infrastructure projects. The masterclass dredging and reclamation will be held virtually from the 21st  to 25th the June and is organised by Equip Global.

Why Attend

This masterclass is a must for anyone looking to execute dredging and reclamation works to ensure their success.  Or for anyone already running such works. It will be beneficial for:

  • Engineers, planning directors and practitioners representing project owners
  • Dredging and reclamation project managers
  • Professionals from port, coastal and environmental authorities
  • Dredging and reclamation contractors and consultants

The sessions will provide comprehensive information on planning and executing such projects. As well as providing the technical knowhow required to ensure their success.  The course covers managerial aspects of these projects, such as stakeholder management, cost management and risk mitigation. And provides information on the various project stages associated with these types of projects.

The course also dives into technical considerations of running dredging and reclamation projects, such as sediments’ physical and chemical properties and their impact on works being undertaken. Furthermore, the masterclass discusses environmental impact of these types of projects and how such impacts can be minimised by planning and managing the associated works with the environment in mind.

Back to Basics Sessions

These sessions cover fundamental technical and engineering topics associated with these projects, including:

  • Key project drivers and considerations
  • Project phases such as planning, design and execution
  • Excavation, transport and placement methods
  • Material sources, equipment selection and soil improvement techniques
  • nvironmental regulations, engineering and considerations
  • Stakeholder management
Advanced Sessions

These sessions also cover advanced aspects of such works, including:

  • Dredging and hydraulic fills
  • Hydraulic considerations of dredging works
  • Deep dive in physical dredging processes
  • Key soil parameter for production rates
  • Soil improvement and managing geo-technical challenges
  • Dredging operations and dredged material management alternatives
  • Dredge monitoring and control
  • Risk mitigation and cost management in dredging projects
  • Latent conditions and their impact on marine infrastructure projects