i2D Delivers the Dredging and Reclamation Masterclass

Friday 25 June was the last lesson of i2D’s first Dredging and Reclamation Masterclass 2021. How many times did we warn our students about the risks of various geotechnical and weather conditions! And how many times have we had the experience of major budget and schedule blowouts in our working careers simply because the challenges of the project were misunderstood or overlooked. Without conducting a proper site investigation your guess on how to run a project is as good as ours.

What was Covered

The course provided comprehensive information on planning and executing dredging and reclamation works.  The course material imparted the technical knowhow required to ensure the success of these types of projects. It also covered managerial aspects of these projects, such as stakeholder management, cost management and risk mitigation. Also discussed were the various project stages associated with dredging and reclamation works.

In addition, the course dived into technical considerations of running dredging and reclamation projects. Topics covered included sediments’ physical and chemical properties and their impact on the works being undertaken. The masterclass also discussed the environmental impact of these types of projects. And how such impacts can be minimised by planning and managing the associated works with the environment in mind.

Who Attended?

We were surprised to have such senior, experienced students attend the masterclass. Even some geotechnical engineers with a sincere interest in destructive soil mechanics attended.

Hopefully some students are now more aware of the dredging pitfalls, especially when it comes to dredging stiff clay and rock. And the various aspects associated with hydraulically placing fines in a reclamation area.

Next Course Opportunity

It was a great pleasure for Greg and me to teach and share our knowledge and experience. We hope next year you can join us, even if it is still an online course. Check out the Equip Global website for the next course opportunity.