Pump and Soil-Mixture Parameters to Consider

Are you estimating pump production for your dredging or mining project? A growing number of dredging and mining professionals rely on Pumps ‘n Pipeline (PnP) for their production estimates.

The estimating software program PnP v1.4 now has more features to help you accurately estimate production for various soil mixtures and pump installations. The new features in PnP v1.4 will help ensure that sufficient time and money is assigned to each and every dredging or mining project using dredging or mining equipment to hydraulically transport soil-like materials.

In addition to the parameters already available with PnP v1.3, the following pump and soil‑mixture parameters can now be included in your estimates when using PnP v1.4.

Nett Positive Suction Head required

Assuming you know your pump’s Nett Positive Suction Head required (NPSHr), PnP v1.4 more accurately estimates your pump’s suction production by calculating the limiting vacuum.

Pump designs vary considerably, and have a significant impact on suction production.  PnP v1.4 will help you determine what pumping equipment would provide the best suction production for your operations.

Yield Stress

Yield stress is a factor that should not be ignored, especially when dealing with clay mixtures, mud or slime that are behaving like Bingham fluids.  Such soils’ yield stress, or critical shear strength, will significantly reduce the distance that they can be pumped, as well as significantly reducing discharge production.

PnP v1.4 will help you determine the effects of yield stress on your project’s production estimates.

Particle Size Distribution

If the determining particle size is greater than 1,000µm, then enter the entire Particle Size Distribution into PnP v1.4 and find a larger, less conservative discharge production, which could make all the difference between winning or losing a tender.

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