Six Ways to Increase the Productivity of Your Dredge Part 1

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  1. Find the bottleneck in the system and identify surplus capacity

If you can identify the bottlenecks that are slowing down your dredge, you can increase productivity. In dredging, there is always one part of the process that is the slowest, and it may change as the dredge progresses. These bottlenecks continuously slow the dredge down. Identifying these bottlenecks will result in major performance improvements.

  1. Use control systems

By using automation, contractors can massively increase productivity and improve the quality of life for their operators. Unlike a human operator, control systems don’t get tired from physical exertion. Each and every dredge operation is carried out with the same machine-like precision for hours on end. Using control systems helps ensure that production targets are met every hour of the day and required dredge levels are achieved.

  1. Create a dashboard

A dashboard is an information management tool used to track production, KPIs, and other key data points relevant to your business, project, or specific process. Through the use of data visualisations, dashboards simplify complex data sets so users can see current performance levels at a glance. Dashboards are a great tool to share production information with the site team.

  1. Acquire and analyse data

Personal computers have powered scientific and engineering measurements and control systems for over thirty years. Engineers can now easily acquire a wide range of metrics. Across nearly every industry, real-time measurements are a critical initial step in the process of optimising production rates.

  1. Reward creative ideas

Give everyone an interest in seeing the project through to a successful conclusion. You can do this in two ways. First, be quick to recognise breakthroughs verbally and in companywide communications. Second, design a rewards program for sharing the fruits of success with everyone who contributes to making the dredge function more efficiently.

  1. Get an objective viewpoint

You may know you have operational problems. When you work in an environment daily and are under the pump meeting production requirements, it may be hard to determine the root cause of the problems. That’s why it’s good to bring in a third party who can take a fresh look at the situation. Not only to view things from a new perspective, but to bring experience from different projects or from other organisations. Bringing in a fresh set of eyes can help identify problems and solutions more rapidly and objectively.

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