Eight Reasons Not to Hire a Dredging Specialist

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1.      “Why plan when the plan fails anyway? Estimates of a dredging project are always made but they rarely match with reality”.

Estimating dredging works requires knowledge and expertise. Dredging specialists can provide estimates that are +/-10% accurate. Do you meet this accuracy or –even worse–is the accuracy of your estimates unknown? If that’s the case consider engaging a dredging specialist. Dredging specialists ensure you stay within budget and meet your schedule.

2.     “Dredging solo is our motto. We are confident our employees are capable and they would rather not waste time regularly communicating with colleagues. Having a dredging specialist on site seems like a waste of time (and money).

A solo dredger is not invented just yet. Dredging specialists are used to operating in a team. They bring in other specialists when they realise that precious time and significant money is at stake. Dredging specialists can deal with pressure and ensure an optimal working atmosphere that enables successful realisation of a project.

3.     “ The fire-brigade-attitude is what makes our organisation so interesting. We only come into action when there is a fire. We don’t waste time looking over our shoulder or thinking about what might happen. We focus on the present.

Dredging specialists learn from the past, plan for the future and stay ahead of the present.

4.     As long as there is time, we prefer not to make any harsh decisions. Why commit earlier and potentially waste money on something that is not required? We would rather just wait till it is almost too late.”

Dredging specialists always allow for sufficient time to inspect, test and plan dredging operations to avoid showstoppers. Gross amounts of money are lost when an unfit or unsuitable dredger arrives on site or when work is on day rate and the client has insufficient dredging knowledge.

 5.     It’s okay to stick your head in the sand. In the end, how much time and money is lost really while dredging inefficiently or not at all?”

Clear and concise progress reporting is essential to manage your projects. Time is money and in the case of a dredging project we’re usually talking about lots and lots of money. Dredging specialists perform cost benefit analyses during all project phases and come up with typical and outside the box solutions that add value.

6.     “ Dredging is just a matter of doing the same exercise over and over again. Improving results is not really necessary. We make enough profit, so why bother bringing in an expensive dredging specialist.”

The money involved in dredging projects is typically in the range of at least millions of dollars, often up to several billion. Every minute counts. A hands-on dredging specialist can significantly increase profits by increasing efficiency.

7.    “We favour a steady state nine-to-five work mentality. Avoid overtime, stress and weekend work. Deadlines can slip even when the schedule and budget are not met.”

Dredging specialists will get the job done while managing their fatigue levels. Dredging specialists can perform day or night, when the clock is ticking and money is potentially being lost.

8.    “ It’s much more fun to reinvent the wheel. Why hire a dredging specialist who already has the answers? He would take away the fun of inventing. “

If your hobby is dredging and you do it for fun, then enjoy your great hobby. Dredging professionals also have a great passion for dredging. The difference between hobbyists and professionals is that the professional focuses on safety and adding value to the project result.

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  1. John Carston

    I’m glad that you talked that increasing the efficiency of your work could increase your salary. My cousin told me the other night that he and his business associates were looking for a skyline dredging service that could carry 40,000 lbs. of material for their ongoing project, and he asked if I had any idea what would be the best option to consider. Thanks to this instructive article, I’ll be sure to tell him that he can consult a well-known dredging and excavation company as they can provide more information about the process.

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