Cutting-edge Research, Development & Innovation

Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) at an academic level forms the basis of i2D Dredging Consultancy.

Our team constantly undertakes RD&I to progress our cutting-edge technology. i2D consultants’ knowledge and experience enables innovative dredging solutions. These solutions are outside the box innovations and game changing developments. Solutions adding value!

model cutter head of cutter suction dredger for spill physical modelling

i2D's RD&I Capabilities

Invest in RD&I and stay ahead of your competition. i2D’s dredging consultants are able to support or manage your RD&I dredging projects. We regularly undertake the following RD&I activities:

  • Facilitating brain storming sessions
  • Performing literature studies
  • Reviewing RD&I project feasibility and progress
  • Creating efficient and advanced computational algorithms
  • Developing Intellectual Property (IP) policy
  • Managing software development
  • Managing physical modelling campaigns
  • Creating documentation or course material to share knowledge


Find out how to progress your ideas and create innovative dredging solutions. We guarantee total confidentiality when you pass your business ideas to us.