in2Dredging’s Outlook for 2020

Last year in2Dredging’s consultants were inspired to produce many new and innovative ideas.  Therefore, in2Dredging’s Outlook for 2020 is positive.

For the new year, in2Dredging has set out the following resolutions:

  • Certify our Quality Management System to ISO 9001 and get recognition for our high-quality standards;
  • Update our existing tools by increasing functionality so as to be able to resolve more challenges faster;
  • Provide the dredging industry with a new unique geographic data processing service to help clients get more value out of big data; and
  • Write papers on ‘Dredging Fine Tailings’ and ‘Procurement of Dredging Works’ for Mine Waste and Tailings and PIANC’s APAC 2020 conferences respectively.

In 2020 in2Dredging’s main centre of activity will be back in Perth as Greg Miller, Grace Dennis, Sandra Gyles and Simon Burgmans will all be back in town.  Grace has spent the last three years in Europe and has developed the company’s management systems whilst providing 24/7 administrative support and looking after her family.  Simon will continue to provide support services at ERA’s Ranger Mine in the Northern Territory from Perth on a part-time basis.  He has been managing dredging operations at the mine on a full-time basis for the past year. In his new part-time role he will also provide support for the capping of tailings in Pit 3.

Valerie relocated to Belgium last year and is starting to reap the rewards from her continuous business acquisition efforts.  In Belgium she continues to provide environmental support to in2Dredging’s Australian clients. Modern communication tools are such as to allow for crystal-clear communication regardless of distance.  Furthermore, the time difference has proven to be an advantage for providing fast turnarounds on high-quality work.