Programme Management for Contractors

Extensive operational experience combined with academic expertise gives i2D a level of operational proficiency that is unique to the dredging industry.  Our dredging consultants have developed programmes that can be tailor-made to your individual needs. Request a brochure today.

  • Market definition for new dredge
  • Operational excellence
  • Innovation fitness
  • Equipment upgrade
  • Equipment life cycle improvement

We have developed, improved and implemented programmes at various organisations that have shown their value in producing business results.

Operational Objective

Our dredging consultants have extensive field experience in operational support.  i2D has executed and developed programmes for contractors in order for them to optimise their business performance, by:

  • Monitoring operational performance and coaching crew and staff on operational excellence
  • Reducing operational risk using robust estimates and schedules
  • Increasing production rates, which minimises project cost and duration
  • Increasing operational hours
  • Reducing wear and tear, which means less maintenance and repair costs
  • Lowering fuel consumption and emissions
  • Improving safety for a steady state performance
  • Minimising environmental impact
  • Using innovative technology and work methods


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Front End Engineering Design (FEED) of Dredging Project

  • Use geohistorical, geophysical and technical data to create soil model
  • Determine workability based on metocean data
  • Calculate soil volumes
  • Estimate accurate production levels and robust project costs
  • Prepare invitation to tender (ITT)
  • Establish realistic schedule
  • Perform detailed feasibility studies
  • Perform environmental monitoring studies and impact assessment
  • Prepare clear and concise tender documents
  • Evaluate tenders
  • Inform stakeholders
  • Identify risk and opportunities
Port Brisbane reclamation area sand fill and sedimentation basin area return water quality

Execution of Dredging Project

  • Manage contractors
  • Represent owners
  • Raise safety awareness and deliver safety programmes
  • Administer and initially evaluate claims
  • Optimise productivity and efficiency
  • Review permit compliancy
  • Administer contracts and provide resolutions
  • Monitor, record and review contractor progress
  • Verify designs realised
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Dredging Project Management

i2D’s dredging consultants can manage all phases of your projects from concept to detailed design and from tender preparation to execution, both on the owner and contractor side.

Our team’s academic knowledge and field experience lets us carry out safe, cost-effective and successful projects that build bridges between clients, contractors and engineers.

We have dredging expertise that is based on a design process approach, enabling us to systematically deliver successful and innovative projects.  The definition of the design always depends of the size and impact of the dredging project.

i2D clients are:

  • Government departments and councils
  • Port authorities
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental consultants
  • Mining companies
  • Suppliers
  • Maritime and dredging contractors

Conceptual Design of Dredging Project

  • Plan geotechnical, metocean and operational site investigations
  • Determine dredging possibilities
  • Select suitable types of dredging equipment
  • Estimate basic production levels and project costs
  • Establish initial dredge levels and slopes
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Approximate a schedule
  • Perform initial technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Pre-qualify contractors
  • Plan environmental monitoring programme
  • Identify opportunities for innovation and development
geophysical data of dredging project consultancy

Detailed Design of Dredging Project

  • Identify progress risk and opportunities in FEED phase
  • Create as-built drawings
  • Prepare specifications and contractual documents
offshore installation multi purpose vessel maritime dredging consultancy

Evaluation of Dredging Project

  • Settle disputes, claims and variations
  • Provide expert witnesses and arbitration assistance
  • Compile as-built dossiers
  • Evaluate projects
  • Facilitate and document lessons learned sessions

Get experts for your project

Our academic knowledge and field experience lets us carry out safe, cost-effective and successful projects that build bridges between owners, contractors and engineers, bringing experience from all sides of the table. You can feel confident when you share your challenges with us.

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